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BE$T Energy Savings Tool Software: Download

System Requirements:

  • A desktop or laptop system with one of the following operating systems:
    Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or XP and Windows Vista

Optional Requirements:

  • Excel 97 or above recommended

To install, please RUN the file after downloading and respond to all screen prompts.

BE$T 3.0 Overview -
This powerpoint presentation is a general overview of how to use the BE$T software.

 BE$T 3.0 Overview (5 MB)

BE$T 3.0 Full Version - 12/10/2008
This will download and install the complete program. Version 3.0 will import your existing version 2.0 files automatically.

Download BE$T 3.0 Full Version (28.1 MB)

For German regional setting users, if after installing the program you get an "Installable ISAM" error message, please click on the following link to correct the problem.

Fix for "Installable ISAM" Error Message
(Windows with German Regional settings)

BE$T 3.0 New Features -
The following new features have been added to the program:

  • New motor applications
  • Added Australian motors to the program
  • Added the ability to enter custom motors to the project file
  • Added the ability to select a motor from the available motor list
  • Updated the net pricing function
  • A custom printed report is now available
  • A customer logo can be easily added to the program
  • a potential CO2 saved report based on the project kWH saved
  • Can now import Excel 2007 .xlsx file types

Any questions? Please email us at