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Servo Controls

In January 2011, Baldor was purchased by ABB including the Mint Motion products and Servo Drives. Baldor motion products are available under ABB and will functionally remain unchanged. For most, the changes now include ABB branding. Three products will maintain the original Baldor branding including MintDrive, FlexDrive and Flex+Drive. Customers stand to benefit from a more complete product line and the ABB brand values, globally.

To learn more about these control products, visit the Baldor Motion site HERE.


AC Servo Drives

Click here to view an AC Servo Drive VRObject (3D exploded view of drive).

FlexDrive II    Flex DriveII
Baldor's FlexDrive II is a fully featured 1 axis brushless servo which provides high performance control of rotary and linear brushless servo motors. FlexDrive II accepts industry standard +/- 10 Vdc, or pulse and direction, or electronic hand wheel command inputs. Baldor's fully featured controls include a variety of options, such as bus options (CAN, DeviceNet, and Profibus-DP), feedback (resolver, incremental and absolute multi-turn encoders), I/O (programmable interface to external PLC) and logic supply options (internal or externally supplied +24 V). Full auto-tuning makes set up and tuning simple . Models available with 115/230/400/460 Vac and currents up to 15/15/27/27 amps.

Flex+DriveII    Flex+ DriveII
Repeatable moves become a breeze to accomplish with this easy-to-set-up package. Baldor's Flex+DriveII is similar to the FlexDrive series, however incorporating intelligence for indexing applications. For simple point-to-point indexing moves, a pre-set table is configured. The 16 pre-set moves can be expanded to 256. Complex indexing is handled with single-tasking version of Baldor's MintMT programming language. Windows front end for easy to use set-up and full auto-tuning . The Flex+Drive II provides servo control for rotary and linear brushless servo motors.

MintDrive II   

Baldor's award winning MintDrive II integrates a powerful motion controller and servo drive into an intelligent compact package. The MintDrive II provides motion control for single-axis applications for rotary or linear brushless servo motors. Programmable in Baldor's easy to use multi-tasking language MintMT, which coordinates motion, HMI and PLC tasks. Supports positional moves, CAMS, flying shears, software gearboxes, and more. Engineered for much higher speed. Windows front end provides full auto-tuning to make velocity and position loop set-up simple.

DC Brushless Adjustable Speed

DC Brushless Adjustable Speed    DC Brushless Adjustable Speed
Baldor’s BMC-series of controls now provides designers the advantages and benefits of brushless technology for adjustable speed applications– these include quieter operation, less maintenance, tight speed regulation and a more efficient design. Adjustable speed applications such as door openers, mixers, conveyors, pumps, and many others can now make efficient use of brushless technology