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June 21, 2013

Dodge D-LAG Conveyor Pulley

Baldor Electric Company is pleased to introduce Dodge D-LAG conveyor pulleys, the only line of stock conveyor pulleys than can lower total cost of ownership. D-LAG conveyor pulleys utilize a cutting edge natural rubber compound that is 73% more resistant to wear than standard SBR rubber.

By increasing lagging life, Baldor’s Dodge D-LAG conveyor pulleys will extend the operating life of both the conveyor pulley and conveyor belt. The lagging is 100% vulcanized for pulley bonding and strength, making it resistant to cuts and gouges.

Two pulley styles are available from stock for next day delivery; D-LAG heavy duty drum pulleys from 10” to 24” diameter, and D-LAG MDX® (mine duty extra) drum pulleys from 12” up to 24” diameter.

Baldor’s Dodge heavy duty pulleys are designed with flexible end discs to eliminate weld fatigue under cyclical loads, while Dodge MDX pulleys feature an integral hub design that eliminates the welded hub.

Independent testing in 2012 showed D-LAG significantly outperformed other rubber formulas when subjected to abrasive conditions.

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